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PacifiCord is a member of the HealthBanks Biotech family of companies, which for over 20 years has been a leader in stem cell therapy and research with over 40,000 cord blood procedures.

We use the BioArchive system for freezing and storing cord blood. Nothing preserves stem cells longer, or with greater long term viability, than the BioArchive freezing and storage system. And we're the only family cord bank in Southern California to use it. When it comes to preserving stem cells, it's how you freeze and store them that truly matters.

As a devoted Family Cord Blood Bank, PacifiCord also offers Prenatal Classes, Childbirth Classes, Maternity Advice and Pregnancy Classes in Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, and near San Diego.
Pre-natal Classes include:

  • Preparation for Childbirth Series
  • Infant Safety | Baby Proofing
  • Stem Cell Seminar
  • Baby Care Classes
  • Prenatal Classes
  • Breastfeeding Seminar
  • Stem Cell Seminar
  • ChildBirth Plan
  • Best Practices | State-of-the-art stem cell processing and preservation

    When it comes to your baby's stem cells, only the best will do. We adhere to the highest standards and we use the best equipment for processing, freezing and storing stem cells. Ensuring maximum stem cell quality and long-term viability with affordable pricing and cost plans. See our commitment to excellence with the PacifiCord Quality Product Guarantee.

    State-of-the art, automated technology. Rapid collection and freezing. Providing Cord Blood Bank services in Orange County | Irvine | Los Angeles | Pasadena | Glendale | Hollywood | Santa Monica | South Bay | Beverly Hills | Inland Empire | San Fernando Valley | San Gabriel | Malibu | Ventura | Riverside and San Diego county. Creating the perfect environment for cord blood stem cell preservation.

    Cord Blood Concierge Service

    We'll meet you in person, at home or a location of your choice to personally pick up your baby's cord blood.

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    Better technology today means more stem cells tomorrow, and in the future.

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    We are committed to improving our cord blood banking services to deliver the highest quality product and a superior customer service experience to our valued clients.

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    At PacifiCord, we focus on what truly matters when it comes to the future quality and viability of your baby's stem cells: rapid time to cord blood storage and the best freezing and preservation technology available.

    We use the FDA cleared AXP™ system to recover more of your baby's precious cord blood stem cells, and our BioArchive® storage system produces greater stem cell viability than any other stem cell preservation technology. In fact, PacifiCord is the only family cord blood bank in Southern California to use both the AXP™ and BioArchive® systems.

    Furthermore, we use the only FDA approved sterile (and Heparin-free) collection bag for use in c-sections.