Give a precious gift!

Here at PacifiCord, we believe that there is no better gift than the gift of life. This is the potential gift that we hope you can receive or give through the process of cord blood banking.

When a new member of the family is welcomed, PacifiCord believes that protecting his or her future is of the upmost importance, and by banking your baby’s stem cells, you can. When you consider giving the gift of cord blood banking, think of it as a vital insurance policy for a baby’s health and future.

Currently, cord blood stem cells have the ability to treat more than 80 different diseases including cancers, immune deficiencies, and blood diseases. Not only can stem cells treat a wide variety of disease currently, but that list continues to grow every day as more research is done and new possibilities arise.

Why have a gift registry page? Because there is no better gift than the gift of life.

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