Providing advanced technology and premium service for an ultimate banking experience.

Unmatched Experience

PacifiCord has been proudly providing outstanding cord blood banking service as a part of HealthBanks Biotech, one of the leaders in the cord blood industry. HealthBanks has been at the forefront of the biotech industry for 25 years, spanning across the world with cord blood banks located in Taiwan, Macau, Honk Kong, and Thailand, in addition to Irvine and our many research and development teams located throughout the United States. Being so heavily invested in the entire cord blood process has allowed PacifiCord and HealthBanks to make breakthroughs in cell expansion and the development of an HPV (Human papilloma Virus) vaccine.

Advanced Technology

Here at PacifiCord, we make sure to provide you with the best technology available to ensure the optimal processing and viability of your child’s cord blood. PacifiCord features the same processing and storage techniques as the New York Blood Center, which is referred to as one of the best blood banks in the world.Research has shown that using the AutoXpress Processing™ (AXP)System in tandem with the BioArchive® is the preferred method for processing and storing cord blood.

Personalized Service

If you are looking for premium service in the cord blood banking industry, look no further than PacifiCord. We place an emphasis on outstanding customer service from the minute you dial our number and throughout your entire cord blood banking experience. Our Cord Blood Concierge™ Service makes the whole experience a pleasure, just as it should be. You can tour our cord blood bank facility and meet us in person, at your home or a location of your choice. A PacifiCord associate will personally pick up your baby's cord blood, and we will make sure you're comfortable with the process each step of the way. We even offer a long list of Free Childbirth Classes for anyone interested in learning tips about their pregnancy.

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