PacifiCord uses top of the line premium technology to help retrieve and preserve the most viable stem cells for future use.

FDA Approved Sterile
Collection Bags:

CPD collection bags help keep cord blood viable for 48 hours after collection.

PacifiCord uses the only FDA approved sterile (and Heparin free) collection bag for use in C-sections. Using this FDA approved sterile collection bag is necessary to maintain a sterile operating room. Furthermore, PacifiCord uses the FDA and NDA approved anticoagulant Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Solution* (CPD), a cell protector, also recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Guidance for Industry.**

CPD preserves stem cell metabolism, unlike Heparin, allowing the cells to maintain their integrity between the time of collection to processing, as well as result in a significantly higher total nuclear cell count (TNC) before and after cord blood processing.***

*PacifiCord’s collection bag containing CPD is FDA NDA approved and CE marked under the Medical Devices Directive for the collection of placental/umbilical cord blood.

** During collection of cord blood, we recommend that you use an appropriate closed, sterile container sealed in a manner that prevents cell loss and contamination. We recommend that you use only citrate-based anticoagulants.” U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Guidance for Industry – Minimally Maninpulated, Unrelated Allogeneic Placental/Umbilical Cord Blood Intended for Hemapoietic Reconstitution for Specified Indications, October 2009

***Blood (ASH Annual Meeting Abstracts) American Society of Hematology “Cord Blood Units Collected with Liquid CPD Appear to Contain Significantly More Nucleated and CD34+ Cells Than Units Collected with Dry Heparin” Morey Kraus*,1, Karen Foster*,2, AsimenaRigas Bridges*,3 and Mark C. Walters, MD 4 2009 114: Abstract 4227


The automated AXP Processing system allows us to retrieve the purest
sample of stem cells from your child’s cord blood.

At PacifiCord, we rely on the FDA cleared AXP™ processing system-a fully automated and closed system. Studies show that the AXP™ extracts the greatest number of stem cells from any given sample. Thanks to hands-free operation, the system delivers sterile, precise performance-which means more of your stem cells get preserved and without extra contaminants, like excess red blood cells, which are known to cause complication at the time of transplant.


The BioArchive® allows for optimal storage of your child’s stem cells,
maintaining the viability for the day you need them.

Parents often ask us "How long will our baby's stem cells last?" An excellent question, as it leads to the importance of freezing and storage technology. At PacifiCord, we rely on BioArchive® technology which is designed specifically for the tracking, retrieval, and long term storage of cord blood stem cells. PacifiCord, along with the world's leading public cord blood banks, uses the BioArchive® because it offers distinct advantages over traditional systems used for cryopreservation and long term cord blood stem cell storage.

In fact, the importance of freezing and storing cord blood stem cells undisturbed and under liquid nitrogen at -196º C for long-term viability is emphasized in the Guidelines for Collection, Processing and Storage of Cord blood stem cells published by the New York State Department of Health, as well as by published studies by the New York Blood Center, the nation’s oldest and largest public cord blood bank.*

Cord Blood Product Guarantee:

We stand behind our commitment to excellence with the PacifiCord Quality Product Guarantee of $50,000.

We stand behind our commitment to excellence with the PacifiCord Quality Product Guarantee. If the cord blood stem cells processed and stored by PacifiCord are used in a hematopoietic stem cell transplant following standard, recognized medical practices and they do not engraft, PacifiCord will refund all service fees paid to PacifiCord and pay $50,000 to the legal owner of the cells per the PacifiCord Enrollment Agreement.

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